Howon Lee

(mailing address, phone, or a pdf copy of this resume available on request)

Work Experience

Data Engineer

July 2015-December 2015

First technical employee. Worked on the full stack. This included handling logging on 50 request per second system and maintaining a 99.99% SLA for that system, being on call 24/7, significant work on a Javascript client to be directly displayed on customer websites (including design and styling). Created a search analytics portal for the data gathered from providing autocompletion. Made introductions to venture capitalists and angel investors.

Research Assistant

Stanford Virtual Human Interaction Lab

September 2012-June 2015

Aided the development of research projects by Ph.D students in the lab under the supervision of Professor Jeremy Bailenson. Specifically, aided in the development of virtual worlds that would be the settings of experiments and demos, created a custom playback system for Kinect recordings of human movements, assisted with various machine learning tasks, and helped develop a Unity application which would allow Android phones to be used as head-mounted devices for virtual reality.

Data Science Intern

The Backplane, Inc.

June-December 2013

Created the predictive analytics system incorporating a Mahout and MapReduce system, which predicted the user retention rate of a website with 20,000 active users, and created a custom AB split testing solution for their AB testing needs. Presented the architecture of this system to coworkers.

Advising Fellow

Stanford Symbolic Systems Program

September 2013-June 2015

Advised students about research, classes, and life. Inducted over two dozen new students into the Symbolic Systems program. Planned field trip to places like Palantir and Facebook. Helped with preparations for the departmental Distinguished Fellow award for 2014 to Douglas Hofstadter. Led student preparations for Distinguished Fellow award for 2015 to Edward Snowden, including making arrangements to contact the awardee.


2014 - 2015

Master of Science

Symbolic Systems

Stanford University

2011 - 2015

Bachelor of Science

Symbolic Systems

spec. in Artificial Intelligence

Stanford University


Extremal Optimization for Boltzmann Machines Usually, fully connected Boltzmann machines are not suitable for use in real applications because the simulated annealing takes too long. I tested what happens if you don’t use simulated annealing, and found about one order of magnitude speedup over simulated annealing.

For Psychology 209, Neural Nets

Bak-Tang-Wiesenfeld Text Generation Used a physics-based cellular automaton to generate Markov chain-style text. Nobody had done this before.

Not for school.

Babelfish Made, with a team, a javascript mashup of Google Translate to let you speak to the computer and have it speak back translated text, in whatever language to whatever language.

2nd place at the 2013 Stanford Winter ACM Hackathon.

Alpha-Phi Algorithm Novel algorithm and implementation in MapReduce developed in a team for the class, Project in Mining Massive Data Sets, under Jeffrey Ullman. 3% better AUC than the published Cascades algorithm for predicting the size of a Twitter cascade.

Computer Skills

I have been paid to use

Python, Java(Android), Javascript, Ruby (+ Rails), Julia, C#, PHP, MATLAB, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, Hadoop, Pig, Hive

I also know

C, C++, Scala, Erlang, Mathematica, Scheme

I know

HTML, CSS, LaTeX Linux, Windows and AWS administration